A very merry Birthday cake!

Birthday cake

A few months ago, the hubs and I celebrated a milestone birthday of his, while his parents were visiting. As is his family’s custom, there was only one thing he wanted from me on the occasion:  Hershey’s “Perfectly Chocolate” cake. For years, my mother-in-law has made this cake for her three boys, and even went so far as to mail them the cake when they moved to far-away places. However, when Kenny and I got married, she passed the buck to me.

Kenny and Candles
The hubs, making his birthday wish.

I’ll admit that decorating a cake is not my strength in the kitchen, but no amount of goopy, food-colored lettering can detract from the moist, rich, and fluffy goodness this cake provides. Even after dining at one of the best steak houses this fine state has to offer, decked with one of the most exquisite dessert menus around, promises of this cake send my dear husband racing home year after year.

cut the cake
Just after we dug in.

Initially, I thought the appeal of this cake was purely nostalgic to Kenny, but after tasting it, I knew I was wrong. This is the cake that turned me into a cake-lover. I sometimes make a little extra of the smooth and thick chocolate frosting separating the light layers of rich chocolate cake, because someone I know (Kenny) likes to lick the bowl.

slice of cake
Making this recipe is a piece of cake…literally.

Of course, in our house the tradition is that no one should have to bake their own birthday cake. And since we take traditions seriously, Kenny takes control of the kitchen on my birthday, so I get to indulge, as well. But as a self-proclaimed chocoholic, I’m thrilled to share that there may be more occasions to whip out this super decadent chocolate cake! Introducing the newest addition to the family, my handsome nephew, Matty.

Baby Matty
Introducing baby Matthew Neil Skobin.


I wonder how early is too early to let the spoiling begin.


Auntie Jenny
I’m one lucky Auntie.

You can find the recipe on the back of the Hershey’s Cocoa box, or you can follow this link.



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  1. My wife made this cake for me for Father’s Day! It was the best chocolate cake I have ever had. This cake will be a new Father’s Day tradition in my house.

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