Fire-Roasted Tomato Soup with Cheddar Matzah Crisps

tomatosoup1Southern California is experiencing an “El Nino” this year, which means that we’re getting more than our fair share of cooler days. On cold days, there’s nothing I want more than to curl up next to my fireplace with a good book and a nice, hot bowl of soup.

I’m someone who takes her soup seriously, and no canned version will do. When I’m in the mood for soup, I want the hearty, stick-to-your-ribs kind that can only be prepared in a home kitchen.

These days, I’m favoring fire-roasted tomato soup, with its slight smokiness and sweet tomato flavor, kissed with basil and oregano. While I’d usually indulge in a gooey grilled cheese to dunk in my soup, during Passover, I reach for my favorite stand-in–cheddar matzah crisps. Crunchy, toasted bites of matzah, coated with sharp cheddar shreds are the perfect accompaniment to this classic staple. Together they make a great lunch during the long Passover stretch.


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*Note: I am working in conjunction with PJ Library on several recipes featuring Yehuda Matzos. Although I am being compensated for my recipes, my opinions expressed regarding Yehuda Matzo are honest and entirely my own.

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