Meet The Cuban Reuben


Years ago, I gifted my mom an empty recipe binder, and challenged her to fill it up with our favorite family recipes, only to be returned when I got married one day. I had all but forgotten about it when at my bridal shower, my friends had front-row seats to the waterworks show that followed when I opened the gift from my mother and found that once empty recipe binder now overflowing. Not only had she included my favorite meals that she made, but she also polled the rest of the chefs in my family (and my husband’s!), so that no delectable dish was forgotten.

Like many other American families, mine is a blend of a variety of cultures, and the recipes in this binder reflect that. In my family, we show love and affection through food. I invite you to follow along, as I work my way through the recipes from the family collection within the binder and beyond. is an outlet where I will explore these family recipes, share kitchen tips, blab about my best (and worst) restaurant experiences, and admit to my culinary flubs. At the end of the day, this blog is where I plan to share my passion for food, one bite at a time.



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  1. That salmon dish sounds and looks really great. I can only imagine how wonderful it smells! Can’t wait to try some (hint hint).

  2. Thank you kindly for your delicious(looking) recipes, which with your permission I would like to copy. I came across your blog by accident, and have devoured every page :)…. God bless you for sharing your family secrets and I hope you inspire many many as you have me.

  3. Just stubbled across your blog. I work with an organization that celebrates the diversity of Jewish ethnic and cultural identities in the world. I would love to connect and hear more about your story.

  4. Hello! How are you? I know we haven’t chatted before, but my name is Nina Terrero and I’m an editor at NBC I help produce content for our food section and every week we do an awesome feature called “Food Blogs We Love.” It’s a fun way to highlight Latina food bloggers with a quick interview and sneak peek into the amount of work that goes into producing a great blog like yours! I’d love to feature your blog on Wednesday – is that something you’d be open to?

  5. Injustice returned from a people to people tour in Cuba with my synagogue and determined to infuse our Passover Seder with tastes and thoughts from our trip. Do you have any recipes that are Passover friendly? I’m thinking of making ropa vieja rather than the same old brisket this year, rice and black beans and plantains. We are going to be Sephardic and enjoy every bite.

  6. Sorry I see my comment was autocorrected to read “injustice” instead of “I just” returned…sorry about that.
    Deb s

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