Variation on a theme: Savory Manchego and Quince Turnovers

Manchego and Quince Turnover . TheCubanReuben.comOne puff pastry recipe was clearly not enough for me! During the recent culinary adventure with my friend and editor, Shannon, where we made sweet and decadent Guava and Cheese Pastries, we couldn’t help but think of all the different ways we could use puff pastry dough in other recipes. Sure, there are the classic breakfast danishes, syrupy apple turnovers, and other strudels of the like, but we were looking for something more savory to pair with the sweet treats we know and love.
Manchego and Quince Turnovers dressed and ready for a spin in the oven.

Enter my homage to the Spanish motherland: Savory Manchego and Quince Turnovers. These little babies have just a hint of sweetness from the quince paste, but the star flavors are decidedly savory. With toasted Marcona almonds adorning the tops and nutty Manchego cheese melted in the middle, these make the perfect nosh morning, noon, or night.
Fresh out the oven, these turnovers seem almost too good to eat. Almost…

To read more about these turnovers, and to find the recipe, be sure to check out my post for The Nosher on

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